"I neither ask the way, nor the means, nor the purpose of our entwined path. I only hope in present company, Time is but a theory, that of which we think very little."

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  • 4/4 Star Review from OnlineBookClub.org!

    Mar 21, 2019

    "This book has all the makings of an epic fantasy series... Colvin is a master writer who knows how to paint a vivid portrait of the book’s setting as well as how to create captivating characters. I liked the many battle scenes, and I couldn’t help but think of The Lord of the Rings series, as t...

  • Book Event was a huge success!

    Mar 05, 2019

    The first book-signing was a huge success! So many friends from so many places came to visit me, and celebrate my small dream of authorship. I made new friends, and reunited with old ones, and we all shared the aspects of the story we loved the most. I hope everyone has enjoyed the book so far, and ...

  • Map of Murindur

    Mar 01, 2019

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