"I neither ask the way, nor the means, nor the purpose of our entwined path. I only hope in present company, Time is but a theory, that of which we think very little."



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  • "Dream Jar"

    Jan 10, 2022


    My poem and illustrated children's book "Dream Jar" has been a success! I am so grateful for all the compliments and shared pics on social media. I'm thankful to know that my bedtime story of childhood and the loving home is read each night in bedrooms across the world. Thank you everyone, and I...

  • Hippocrates Cover!!

    Nov 14, 2020

  • Cover Reveal!!

    Nov 12, 2020

    The Cover Reveal for the sequel- "Hippocrates and The Hobgoblin: The Sedes Infernum"! After all the hundreds of hours... the edits... the rewrites... the reviews... the cover truly brings it home for me. I am so thankful for Collin Estrada @caestrad, and his beautiful ability to bring my visions to ...

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