Hippocrates & The Hobgoblin - The Child of Mürindür

Creed Huntly finds himself in another world after a violent tragedy in the mortal realm, only to slowly discover his past and present collide in a cataclysmic battle for the survival of Mürindür. His hobgoblin friend and mentor, Ojin, rescues and revives Creed for the perilous journey cast before them. As he wakes and remembers, Creed must relearn his purpose as Hippocrates in an attempt to protect his immortal bride, Celeste, and unborn son from the clutches of Leterum, while searching for the means of survival for those most vulnerable and neglected in their lands. His legacy as the chosen leader of the Luxatio has led him to the moment where the world of Mürindür hangs in the balance, and only those chosen few, willing to give of themselves, hold the means to redemption and salvation for their realm.