Posted by Chris Colvin on Feb 13, 2020

In Summary

Glaring lights.

Flashing Reds, blues, and whites.

The days unfold, unkind, coarse and terse.

“the patient in five needs morphine, dilaudid, and worse.”

“the patient in eight wants their best friend, their priest, and their mime.”

“the patient in two has more questions, c...

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Posted by Chris Colvin on Feb 05, 2020 under

Real conversation in the Jeep while taking Creed to basketball practice this evening:


Creed: Dad when I’m in the NBA will I make a million dollars? If I make a lot of money, I can take care of you and mom.


Me: Hah. Maybe.


Creed: Dad? What’s the most expensive car in the world?


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