Posted by Chris Colvin on Dec 23, 2018 under

When I began this writing journey, I didn’t know how far the path would go, or if I would be willing or capable to travel its entirety. As I sit here on the eve of my first publication, nearly two years after the initial words were written in that raw manuscript, I still can’t foresee where the bend in the road will take me, but perhaps that is the point. That’s the magic of it all, I suppose. It’s a sense of anxious anticipation laced with wonder and mystique. Hippocrates and The Hobgoblin: The Child of Mürindür is the first of many books to come, and I am proud to bring the story of Creed and Celeste into the world. I’m thankful I took that first step, albeit with great trepidation, for without our dreams, we would have no bearings for personal growth.

The realm of Mürindür is unlike any other, and as I hope you find its secrets, lore, and rugged crevasses inviting, its battles between light and dark inspiring, and the characters so very much endearing, I also hope you can feel the emotional messages woven throughout. The human spirit is such a frail yet miraculously beautiful thing. It drives us to push further, to care more deeply, and to mold a better world through our hopes and mortal confines. It flows through us all, but when starved, it fades, and as it does, we lose our waypoints without our compass of purpose. Know that the power of the human spirit, and its otherworldly capabilities, is as real as the words you’re reading now, and it can be found in the darkest of corners, the most coward of hearts, and even the most broken of minds. I look forward to our journey together into the Highlands as we discover that those deemed less than deserving, have never been more necessary.

Luxatio Aeternum. - csc