Writing is such a cathartic process, but at times it can be exhausting. The story. The plots and subplots. The plot holes. The edits. The self doubt. The intrigue. The frustration. Elation at 2 am. The sleeplessness. All of this not including your “real life”. COVID has ruined my flow quite a bit with all my other responsibilities as a physician. I can sit at the computer and stare at the same chapter for hours, and make little headway while everyone in my home is fast asleep. Other times, sporadically, it flows like a hydrant, and my fingers can’t type fast enough. As much work as it is, one can only wonder why anyone would do such a thing. I’ve been asking myself this lately. An Indie author is a storyteller. They are their own agent, marketing firm, salesman, and spokesman. They don’t want the extra work, but there is an impulse to share the ideas and stories clawing their way out of the chasm of their imagination. There is an angst and joyous nervousness when you meet the story in your mind for the first time. Your endorphins surge at the imagery of heroism and adversity. You see the raw kindred humanity in your characters, and when the scene is just right... your skin erupts in goosebumps with anticipation. The muse has found her way with her gentle sultry touch into your consciousness, and you can’t help but love her. You wish to see her again, and so you venture forth upon your journey of fantasy and fiction, hoping for another moment of elation. The road does indeed wind long, and it can seem as if an echo chamber has consumed you with nothing more than that little voice that meets your ear at twilight on your pillow asking you to try again. Truth be told, however, this journey is not one you ever traverse alone. From the love of friends and family, to the beautiful vocal artists like Cam Scriven and Gemma Humfress... you find your merry band of travelers and make the road an adventure unto itself. It becomes a caravan of culture and creativity as if a current to carry you forward when the waters seem too deep and rapids too high. Last night as I prepared to delve into yet another chapter of edits (begrudgingly I might add) my illustrator for the second book finished our first collaborative piece. I stared at the lines, and my face became taut with the same wonder and fascination that this character imbued my soul the evening I realized who he needed to be. Ojin is the Hobgoblin of “Hippocrates and The Hobgoblin”. He is the strength and wisdom of a long lived existence within the context of loss and redemption. He is the magic of the story I wish to tell in its entirety. Ojin is alive and well, fleshed out with ink and artistry from the gifted Collin Estrada, and I finally have the opportunity to share him with you all. Onward to edits, outlines, and illustrations. I can’t wait for you all to see how this odyssey proceeds. #writerslife#writingcommunity#fantasy#murindur#hippocratesandthehobgoblin#ponderingcorporis#ojin